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April 22, 2016


It Is What It Is

Gosh, that is a lot and beyond grueling. Our domestic newborn adoption process wasn't nearly that, uh, invasive. Yes, we answered a questionnaire and medical/psyche history and underwent a psyche eval and fingerprinting and home study, where we were asked questions individually and as a couple, but this seems way more than that.

Glad you are on the other side. Good luck next week. Once you are approved, may a match be swift.


Congratulations -- as much on simply surviving the ordeal as on any imminent placement! As always, you have my love and undying admiration.


I am totally in awe that you guys are fostering on top of parenting your own kids. I feel like I'm at full capacity mothering just two kids. Congrat's on making it through the bureaucracy and on to the next stage. I imagine you'll be matched before you know it--if you haven't been already! And best wishes.

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