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February 28, 2015



My oldest is by far in the minority at her current school, and I definitely wonder sometimes if the discipline she receives is due to her background, rather than what happened. She's pretty honest with us, and sometimes she clearly has done something wrong, but so has another kid, and she is the only one punished. We're moving and looking at new schools right now, and I am definitely spending a lot of time considering the ethnic mix of the various schools, for this reason. Ideally, I'd like it to be a really healthy mix of white/latino/black (there aren't really other backgrounds in the city we are moving to). I want her to know diversity, but I also want her to just be a regular kid among the mix.

Do you have other school options where you might be more at ease?


That should read "I want her to know diversity, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, I also want her to just be a regular kid among the mix.


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