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December 27, 2013



I think your response is perfect. Happy holidays!

It Is What It Is

Yeah, I just don't get it (and, there is no way that comment was meant in jest). Why take the time to be so judgemental of somoene whose life doesn't impact you one bit? It says so much about her.

I'm glad you deleted and moved on. There is tremendous power in that.

Katie J

I really do think that facebok brings out the worst in people. :( Your response was completely fabulous!


I wish I'd seen this earlier, if only to congratulate you on your strength. I share all your sentiments, and I think you handed the situation beautifully. Your last paragraph says it all.

Sophia Martin

I wonder if it's possible to block her entirely? One of my Mister's friends is up in arms regularly over the "emasculation of the American male." He's convinced our culture is castrating boys. To say that this makes me roll my eyes is... sigh. It's an understatement. The whole pink thing is the tip of the iceberg, of course, but I think more than anything what's upsetting is the way people will try to ruin things for the little ones who are just ENJOYING something, for pete's sake. X(

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