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August 08, 2013



Good to see a post from you. . .I've lost the address of your other space somewhere along the line. I have no help on the hair loss, though--sounds terrible! Good luck getting to the bottom of it.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I hope this type of thing never happens again but I think there will be continued misunderstandings about you and your son's race. I'm pleased you went up to Squeeker and made it very obvious that you were his mom.

Perhaps if a similar situation you should introduce Squeeker, "To the nice lady to say Hi" They say people behave like this toward minorities because they don't know individuals and they are an amorphous group to them. I'm sure Squeeker wouldn't mind doing his little bit to disabuse them of their entrenched (stupid) ideas.


I'm kinda sad I didn't know you were blogging elsewhere!

Regarding your medical issues... I am going through a very similar issue. I documented it on my blog over the last year or two. My issues started with the same severe hair loss. I visited numerous specialists, ran a bazillion tests, and my verdict is more unexplained gobble-dee-gook. My body is constantly in flux, but everyone feels the issue is immunological in nature.

By process of elimination, I have the tag of fibromyalgia. I am sure than years of injections hijacked my endocrine system. Hitting 45 years of age has only complicated the matter- I am probably in early stages of peri-menopause but nowhere near "in" it yet... but doctors love to use that as the reason for anything hormone-related. Sigh.

All of this crap, and my infertility treatment never succeeded. It's much like being sucker-punched twice.

Ashley L

This breaks my heart. I'm so sorry for Squeaker. And I'm sorry for you. The one positive that I can glean from the situation, is perhaps, maybe, that woman went home and did some deep thinking about her beliefs and values. I have hope that she did. Perhaps that is one way you could react if/when it happens again. (Though I admit, if you could, you'd be a freaking superhero.) Tell her that she couldn't be more wrong about your loving, innocent son. And how sad it was for HER children that their mother was teaching them to judge other humans based upon their looks/race. And that despite the real world and its problems, she might love her children enough to teach them to love one another...that is the best gift she could give her kids.

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