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July 14, 2012



I'd like to follow as an adoptive mom and an infertile :-)

Jamaica Hudnall

Please allow this 47 year old, adoptive mother of 5, step mother of 4, multi-racial/ethnic parent to follow, as well. I, too, am debating starting a blog where I "let it all hang out", since hoping blogging will prove cheaper than therapy. Thanks for the many years of sharing on this blog.


Too sleep deprived to remember if I commented on the last post but I'd definitely like to keep reading. Good luck with the home sale and I can't believe your little guy is almost old enough for school.


I've been following your blog for a while now but haven't ever commented. Struggling with infertility and adoption myself, I really appreciate the honesty and realness in your writing pertaining to these topics. Please add me to your list. :-)


Hi-i'm also a mom of an adopted and biological child (bio came after the adopted-gets load of comments of 'that always happens')-even though it doesn't. Would love to follow your new blog.


I've been following your blog for quite some time. I've never commented before but I love your honesty and how real you are. I struggled with infertility for years (how I found you). I was blessed to eventually get pregnant. I love your blog as a fellow mom who keeps it real. I would love to continue to follow you on your new blog.


Please add me to the list of readers who would lie to follow your new blog. Once upon a time I, too, struggled with infertility, and though I have not had your xperience with interracial adoption and parenting, I have found your story captivating. Hope things are going well with the house purchase.


Started reading your blog almost two years ago when I was in the midst of adopting an african american infant domestically. Love the way your write and your honesty. I also passed along your info to my sister who was in the midst of miscarrying. Good luck in your new space, I would love to still follow your blog!


Would love to check in on your new blog. Former colleague and fellow adoptive mom, so I think you know who I am. If you would be more comfortable anonymous without me there I would totally understand, so just do what works for you.


Hi! I'm a birth mom who found your blog on Heathers(productionnotreproduction) favorites list about 2 years ago.
I love the stories you write about your life.
I don't remember if I have commented before.
Please let me read your new blog..
Wait...wanna read my blog??(I'm a terrible writer, but I try!)

I like reading adoption blogs, or even blogs about mom life, even though I'm not a mom and don't plan to be.

Infertility Treatment in India

Very interesting post. Flow is there in your writing which makes us to read your blog again and again:-)


I'd like to follow your blog... My husband and I are just starting to discuss expanding our family. I find your blog to be very refreshing and open.


I think you are great. I want to follow..


I would like to follow! We just started the adoption process after dealing with infertility. I have thought often about wanting to start a separate blog where I can be completely honest about all the thoughts and feelings we deal with in the midst of infertility.

It Is What It Is

I see your comments to my blog and have wondered what happened to your writings. I popped back over here and thought I had responded to this post originally but see that I didn't. I'm very interested to know if you continued in your new space and would love to follow you there.

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