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May 26, 2012



"If I happen to decide one day to open a new space for that story, and you'd be interested in reading, let me know."

Sign me up.


Love to read it, so I'm not alone :-)


And please sign me up. I look forward to reading your posts!


Me! Me! I want an invite!! Hey, isn't there a way to password protect certain posts?


Boy, we really are twins. I am perceived the same way as someone who is too open but it is a smoke screen to hide what is really going on. I had to go private because of my stalker but I found it to be incredibly freeing with my writing. I wasn't playing to the "crowd" any more and hiding less. Of course I have to get my blog up and going again. Been in too dark a place to share of late.


I love reading anything you are willing to share. Please keep me in the loop.


Yeah, I would love to know if you move. And crap, I'm sorry about the bad things going on.


I have been a reader for years, and would love to follow you to a new space!


there are SO many things I wish I could write but can't.

I understand, all of it, from not wanting to repeat the mistakes our parents made to wishing I had a better outlet to express the often conflicting thoughts and feelings we deal with after infertility, loss, adoption, pregnancy, etc.

of course sign me up if you start something else. good luck!


Sign me up! I would love to feel less alone.


Sign me up also. I think that there are alot of us out there feeling that crushing lonliness. It's ironic. We can feel lonely together.


Sign me up, too!

And you just made me laugh out loud with that racist asshole European line. It's so true, and a constant complaint of mine. Living in Europe has made me so thankful to be American.


So sorry! Hope you work it out. Therapy - whatever it takes. If both of you are willing, there may be a way. If not, I wish you strength. I don't want to suggest that the underlying issues aren't profound, but have you discussed post partum depression with a doctor or trusted psychologist or friend? Our hardest year EVER was after the arrival of child no. 2. At the time we did not realize it, but we definitely had a major case of the baby blues. In our case sleep deprivation, sickness, and adjustment for everybody in becoming a family of four played a big role. I'd love to stay signed on if you still feel like sharing. Hugs!


I've been lurking for years--you have no idea I exist but I use your words as reflection, sanity check, reassurance, inspiration, and so much more. (My daughter died in utero around the same time as Sammy, my family disowned me after finding my blog, and my hyper-verbal son is 3 now.) If you do start a new venue I hope I'm allowed to follow.

I think that there are far too many of us who know how helpful it can be to post our lives but struggle with how to harness the healing power of blogging when it isn't just our own lives we'll share. It's easy for me to post mama quandaries or political ramblings but when it comes to the state of my own most intimate relationships--I haven't figured out how to write about the fragility that no one else sees.


I, too, have been lurking... following every word and picture, every story, every emotion while on my own adoption journey. I started a blog and used yours for inspiration. I look forward to hearing your poignant take on things and check often for new posts. I'd love to stay in the loop.


If you do move, I definitely would like to keep reading. I just had a huge mess at "work" and need to be really careful about what I write, even though as far as I know no one has found my blog. But still ... it does make me hesitate about writing about certain things. But then again, every time I turn to just journaling (not online) I stop ...

And as for the racists, ugh. That's all, ugh. And I hope they stay far away from here.


Let me know please if you go to a new space. Would love to keep up with you and still follow along.

Reagan and Treavor's Mommy

Oh I too would love an invitation. I have been a lurker for a long while now and love to read. Many cyber hugs to you. My biggest complaint about parenting after IF is feeling like you can't complain about anything that is less than perfect without wondering if people will think badly. My current soapbox is encouraging others not to let IF steal our right to have complaining moments!

Amy Popham

I have followed you for a couple years now and LOVE your writing. I'd love to continue along with you should you decide to move!


I would love to be on the list. You had me at " I want to write about what infertility, adoption and ART do to your life, your sense of self, and your relationships -- intimate and otherwise. I want to write about parenting and being married in the "after", and how babies never fix things that were broken before the wee ones were born."

Although I don't usually introduce or label myself as such, I am an infertile, baby loss mama, adoptive mom and adult adoptee who wishes I could articulate what infertility, loss, art and adoption have done to my sense of self.


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