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May 03, 2012



I adore cloth diapers. They are awesome and totallye asy. And I really don't mind the eating-solid-food-poop. Heck, sometimes it's easier because you can just dump it in the toilet and it comes right off without even having to rinse!


Oh, I am loving the second one just as you!! No anxiety! Much better sleeper, and much more content baby. I did go dairy-free before birth and am terrified to try it now since she's so happy. Also, we did cloth the first time with Lizzy and also this time with Carey. Same as you, I am always thrilled when it is no big difference from disposables. The only frustration I encountered the first time was ammonia build-up in my prefolds, but that was b/c I was using my homemade detergent and had hard water. We are loving our prefolds and our wool covers. You must try wool if you get a chance! Woolybottoms are my favorite. and if you have to use diaper cream with the BG, be sure you lay in a scrap of fleece so it won't get on your suedecloth and make them repel. About the wipes: do it! Make the leap..not hard at all. In fact, easier. I got the cheapy gerber wash cloths with no edging. I fold them like they are actual wipes (alternating with one in the other), and put them into a wipe warmer. Add water, and voila. They go into the same container as the dirty diapers. We only use throw away ones in the diaper bag. it is so nice to go to the store and not have to buy diapers or wipes!! I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying the experience, that breastfeeding is going well, and that you are figuring out how to navigate work and two kiddos! I second Carrie in that solid poop is sometimes easier as it can peel right off into the toilet. But if you don't get a nice solid one, a BG sprayer attached to the toilet is the TICKET. We use ours for diapers, for cleaning the whole bathroom (it has a long tube), and I used it religiously post partum. If I were really brave, it would eliminate the need for TP, but I'm not there yet.


it is different, isn't it?

#1 and #4 are the biggest for me. I tried to nurse our first, but I was never able to produce much and she was so hungry so it wasn't the best tool for soothing. now I have a baby who won't take a bottle, ever, and the addition of solids has been very slooow. so yeah, it's all boobs all the time. big difference. I do love it, but it can be exhausting. and it would be nice for someone else to be able to feed (and watch) her sometimes. seriously, no bottle? and I was worried this preemie would never learn to nurse. HA!

but everything else is different simply because she's the second too. we don't worry about every little thing. which is good. but on the down side, I haven't chronicled her like the first. no time to update the family blog (which I did monthly for our first). hardly any video at all. and most photos taken with my phone. which is lame. but seriously, I'm tired. and my hands are full.

I'd add one more difference, which is actually parenting an extremely energetic toddler this time around. because whoa. that changes everything.


Green poop is often a sign of too much lactose, which comes from the baby having a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. You've probably noticed that the fuller your breast is when the milk comes out, the more watery it is, and the more empty the breast is, the creamier the milk is that's coming out. Basically, if you produce a lot of milk and switch sides before the baby's drained one side completely, the baby can get too much of the watery-ish foremilk (which is lactose-rich) and not enough of the creamy hindmilk (which is lower in lactose). This can create a situation where the baby ODs on lactose, which causes green poop.

To see if this is the problem (cause there could absolutely be other causes), try just nursing her on one side for a couple of hours, then switching sides and offering her just the other side for a few feedings. If it is a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, the green poop should go away in a day or two.


I second Rin's comments on the green poop. This used to be a big problem for me with my first, who was a lazy nurser and didn't want to drink for very long at one time. You need the baby to drink the hindmilk, which is where the fat and bulk of the nutrition comes from, but the foremilk (the light watery stuff) comes out of the breast first. If the baby doesn't nurse for long enough on the breast, the baby gets only foremilk and never gets the hindmilk. If you nurse for at least 10-15 minutes on one side before switching to the other, you should be good to go, assuming you have a baby who is nursing throughout that time (slower or lazy nursers may need longer--it took my first daughter forever to nurse). Sometimes I'll just nurse on one side, then pump on the other, to be sure that the baby is getting the right balance of hind and foremilk.

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