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March 15, 2012



I did the co-sleeping thing with Boo and your description of sleeping "just so" brought back memories. We had a cot that hooked up to our bed with one side missing so it looked like an extension of our bed/his cot. It was perfect for BF at night. I would start him off in his cot and then when he needed a feed pulled him over. If I was very uncomfortable sleeping "just so" I would carefully put him back in his part of the cot and didn't need to get out of bed to do that. It worked for us despite people warning us that co-sleeping was a "rod for your back". Boo is asleep right now and except for a few hicups here and there has sleep through the night since he was 7 months old. Enjoy your co-sleeping. Oh, and I haven't done any organised exercise for many years. Running after Boo is enough.


yeah, co-sleeping pretty much rocks when you're in that situation. transitioning away may be difficult later. but for now, sleep is so precious for everyone.

and what is this exercise thing you speak of? I have a hard time doing free-range activities with both of them. unless you have someone to watch squeaker (or did you rename him?), it's hard enough with naps and everything else. if she sleeps in a stroller, or if you have a good carrier and she'll sleep in there, maybe a walk is possible? good luck with that.


Yay for co-sleeping. As for exercises, I distinctly remember my last real workout. 7 flights of stairs and stretching. And that was early Dec. '08 (in fact the night before the fusspot was born). Walk as much as possible, and don't stress the weight. The sad truth is that for most people the last 5 lbs don't disappear until you wean because your body is desperately trying to hold on to them. The good news is that they often just disappear after you do wean (according to friends, I haven't yet got there).

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