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March 08, 2012



I'm so pleased to hear your boy loves his femine side because I have a boy who does as well. He still does the ram around breaking things boy stuff but he loves my necklaces and insists that I put make up on him on the rare occasion I put some on. We figure that if we forbid these things (and we aren't the type to do so but if we were) then that in its self causes a problem. Some jewlery and makeup isn't going to hurt anything!


My best friend is a huge proponent of the Love and Logic books, they've helped her rear two great kids. I agree it's a great philosophy. It also has come in handy at work dealing with so many different personalities. Funny how dealing with adults isn't that much different than dealing with toddlers.


I was going to suggest Love & Logic. I just discovered it within the past year and ADORE it! (And yes - it's great to use on adults, too! Pull it out when you are fighting with your husband sometime!)


Just wanted to say that this post definitely made me smile. I'm so glad that you are letting your physical little guy explore his feminine side.

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