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March 10, 2012



You seem to have a totally sane approach to breastfeeding, and I say this only because it might just help a little with a difficult sleep situation. I know you've talked to LC's, but have you thought specifically how to keep baby from just "nibbling/dozing" overnight? I only ask because the fusspot did that for weeks until I really motivated to get her to eat a full feed before dozing off. Since she had some other nursing issues, for us that entailed stripping the baby, changing her between sides to wake her up fully, sometimes loud music to keep her up, sometimes we even went for the crazy ice cube on the tummy ... you get the idea. Anything to keep her awake for a -full- feed on both sides so that she'd sleep 1.5 hours inbetween. Just a thought if you haven't considered it. I'm guessing you're too sleep deprived to do anything too radical, but if she's eating a bit then dozing and eating again within 2 hours it may be a situation you can improve a tad. Even another 3 hours sleep block will probably make you feel much better.

It Is What It Is

I really don't know how you do it...the sleep deprivation AND having to function at work (not to mention the travel to/from and all the ancillary household duties). I know it is a finite time as she will eventually eat more, sleep more, but in the interim, I applaud you and fully agree that the 'maternity leave' in this country is barbaric and, no doubt, created and perpetuated by men (whose lives are far less directly impacted by the birth of a newborn than a mothers).


speechless. can't believe you went back so soon, on so little sleep and recovery! go you!

ok so assvice here -- feel free to ignore. these are just some things to help increase supply that don't involve pumping. have you tried herbs? fenugreek tincture is the easiest to find, but you can also get a combo tincture like "more milk plus" by motherlove (online). it really helps. lots of water too. plus oatmeal once a day, and food rich in calcium, protein and fat (eg. cheese, nuts).

also, try a guinness draught with dinner, as close to room temp as you can handle it. seriously.

and, um, sleep. which is funny.

they say it can take a few months to really establish supply. if its any consolation, our little Z was on formula in the NICU for 20 days, supplemented by every drop of colostrum and milk I could bring. she now nurses like a champ and I haven't needed to supplement since we've been home. BUT there were a few nights, around 2-3 months, where I was tempted to give her formula instead of a mid-night feeding because I couldn't produce enough and my nipples were sore. but she didn't take it. and it got better. and she is fine.

good luck! and bravo.

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