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February 01, 2012



I have to tell you, I'm reading with hesitation. My girl finally turned head down last week (at 32 weeks 4 days), and so far she's stayed. I'm studying hypnobabies for this one, and I long, long, long for a successful VBAC since Lizzy was breech and I had a planned c-section last time. I've switched doctors and hospitals mid-care so that I could have a doc with a 90% VBAC success rate and one that does not induce or interfere until after 42 weeks. I'm hopeful. I'm going to read these installments with eagerness. I'm happy to hear your meditation and yoga skills helped to keep you calm during the ECV. Did they help with the rest of your labor (or as they say in hypnobabies "birthing time")?

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