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January 01, 2012



Thank you so much for the update.
I've only been refreshing this page only about once a minute lol.
Every good thought to you both. Well, to all three of you.
I also had a baby girl who flipped around a lot towards the end of the pregnancy, so I know what it's like.


I love this post. Wishing you all the very best in the upcoming hours. Way to get head down but still thwart your parents on the tax break little girl. I know you've got to do a lot to keep up with Squeaker's sleepless first year, but you're definitely off to a good start.


Many people celebrate New Year's Eve by puking. Not usually in the L and D ward, but there you go. Thanks for the update, I've looked at this page roughly 30 times since the last one. Hang in there, Velcro Mom. If you are accepting phone calls, let us know. Sister really wanted to avoid a New Year's Eve birthday.


Thanks! Yes, I keep checking, too. Good luck and good wishes and happy new year and new baby!


Well that is certainly an up and down kind of experience. Hopefully things keep progressing and you have your baby girl soonest.


Wow. Talk about twists and turns! Sending good wishes your way.


42 hours?! Isn't that some kind of record?! Keep the updates coming. You'll be happy to look back on this. :-)


Thank you for the update. Reading in Lanzarote Spain excited for your family x x Your Twin x


refreshing, refreshing, refreshing! Why would we expect anything different than a roller coaster labor when the last few weeks have been just that??!!! Can't wait for more news. I was away from the internet since Thursday, and I certainly didn't expect to see this when I logged on!! Hope everything is going well.


Checking in and sending love


Tell us more when you can...Jacob sends love and mashed bananas.

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