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January 19, 2012



Any DSS worker who actually had kids would totally understand your story. "Oh, the balloon-ribbon-trampoline-toddler-strangle combined with the newborn-baby-lack-of-sleep-unplanned-lap- dismount. No problem. Case closed."

Auntie K

Honey, I hate to tell you this but you are NOT the Worlds Worst Mommy...you're just a Mommy! But I can only imagine the terrors you went through, you poor thing! And when you relate this story to your children (and you know you will) they will use it to try and guilt you into letting them do or have this or that or the other...You're a great Mommy, Sweetie! And the Kids Are All Right, Right?


Totally feel your pain, but you're not a bad mother. One horrendously frightening moment down, 8,000 more to go!!! Childhood is inherently dangerous, isn't it? At least it feels that way if you're the parent. I look back at the scrapes I got into as a child, and wonder how I survived. To my child self, it all seemed perfectly reasonable. My poor mother.

My DH would have been the same way about the ribbon on the balloon, pre-incident. He's always rolling his eyes at me. I wonder what happens when I'm not around.


I was hoping to hear an update from you, but this really does take the cake. What a terrible scare for you all. You did everything that you could. You know you did but you are beating yourself up because that's what us ladies just do. You are so not in the running for Worst Mommy Ever. I am because I made my sweet child part with his car to have dinner. The screams of outrage are still ringing in my ears.

You and Mister will laugh about this one day. Seriously.


sleep deprivation explains a lot.

it's hard, I tell you. it's just plain hard, those first months.

exhaustion and elation, with moments of omfg, how the hell am I going to get through this awe and elation. plus a bit of shock. yep.

good to hear from you.


Siblings Without Rivalry by Elaine Farber (spelling?). Best book ever on how to handle siblings who try to kill each other. Not that you would need it since you seem to handle the murder attempts quite well on your own ;-)


I hope next time her suction to your boob is stronger so that she'll just stay stuck to you.


Absolutely hilarious! And quite normal

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