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December 20, 2011



Yes, yes, yes: EAT FIRST. I can't believe they "zapped" the poor baby 3 times without offering you so much as a glass of OJ. I would never, ever, ever have passed an NST strip without some type of snack beforehand (varying from nuts to XL smoothie depending on my blood sugar. OJ works best about 15 minutes before the NST, something less-sugary a bit longer). My favorite nurse has a secret stash of M and Ms for non-cooperative babies. I'd definitely recommend snacking before all future NSTs - it will at least get you out of there much faster.

I am sure you also know that decreased fetal movement is a sign of very early labor.

I also can't believe she turned again! Crazy baby.


So glad you got home and all was okay.

My dr always had me drink some orange juice before those tests- between the cold and the sugar, babies usually get moving. Once I learned this I would drink it whenever I felt like he wasn't moving enough.

Hang in there, you're so close!


If you have a Christmas baby, Howard will be sympathetic...his birthday is Christmas Eve. Keep a juice pack with you at all times, to keep your blood sugar up and little Sister dancing.

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