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December 13, 2011



I know that c-sections are a great option in some situations, but this is exactly how I would have felt if I'd been facing one (and so very annoying that everyone kept telling me "all that matters is a healthy baby." Yeah, obviously. But if that's all I wanted I might just have grabbed one of the street and run. There' a lot more that is involved, and it is absolutely fine to have a vision of the birth you want so long as you are realistic about it). Here's to hoping little sister gets the message soon.


Hehe sounds like you are getting close to going into labor. Vent away, this is a safe place. Fingers crossed she turns around.


ML is just jealous. HE wants to be the one lying sideways across your bladder. I think you should get to have the next tantrum. Tell everyone it is your turn. Then throw yourself on the floor (carefully), demand sugar cereal, and refuse to admit you need a nap. Pound your fists and kick your feet for bonus points. Triple points if you can pull this off during a staff meeting.


Ugh. Sucks. 'Nuff said.


Know exactly how you feel. Most people don't understand, but I definitely do. You are totally justified in your anger and disappointment. Can you not try again with the acupuncture? Everything is crossed that you get the birth you have imagined!!! Meanwhile, bump up that 1/4 inch of wine!!


I've had 2 sections and yes, I was disappointed and I felt a bit cheated. But even a few weeks later in didn't matter. The birth gets built up in our minds as so Important but once baby arrives it is quickly forgotten.
I don't think I know any one who got their 'ideal birth '. It seems something always happens on the day.
Which won't stop you being frustrated I realise.


A friend of mine had her daughter keep flipping everywhere. If she hadn't finally stayed head down she was going to try banding her belly. If you can get her to go head down again, you might try that. it's supposed to be uncomfortable but keeps them from being able to turn back the other way again.


I did the exact same thing to my mother 40 years ago. I was manually turned in utero, but less than two hours later I returned to my comfortable transverse position. After a second failed attempt the OB told my mother he was sorry but a C-section was the only option left. Thank goodness because the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around my neck!

What will be will be. Sure you have a right to be sad/upset/angry if your planned labor and delivery plans are thwarted. But the journey will always be something you will never forget no matter how the birth actually transpires. Ultimately the gift of holding your daughter in your arms will outweigh any expectations you may have had about any part of your pregnancy.

I hope no matter how things eventually work out that you both are healthy and well at the day's end on your daughter's birth date. Sending you lots of positive energy and best wishes!

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