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December 27, 2011



Oh WOW!! Super Duper excited here. Good luck with everything. Sending heaps of love x x


My doctor recommended that I walk, so I walked laps at the mall for what turned out to be the last 3 days before I had my daughter. Every walk brought on contractions. When my water broke on the morning of the 4th day, but hours later there were no contractions, the doctor was all about pitocin and cervidil. I wasn't into it. My doula suggested bouncing on the birthing ball as an alternative, which I did. 15 minutes later, I was having full blown contractions. Add walking and bouncing to your list with the tea and the fruit!

Good luck, and just roll with it. The most important thing you can do is be relaxed and calm.


I am so thrilled!! Even with everything out there on medical inductions, induction does NOT ALWAYS mean c-section! Tere are still plenty of plenty women that do a vaginal and even natural birth along with the medical interventions. Focus on that..there are tons of birth stories about it online...and maybe you'll get the birth you've dreamed of. Having the doula is a great step in that direction. If she can coach you through the pain, maybe you'll be able to avoid the epidural. I have faith!! I'll pray that labor comes on naturally but if it doesn't in time, so be it! I'm just so pleased that she's head-down and you are comfortable with your decision. Being in that frame of mind will go such a long way into making the whole process less scary and easier. I CANNOT WAIT for the good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bring a really good soundtrack to the L&D room. "Music for Airports" by Bang on a Can...soft and soothing stuff...really wish I'd had that.


So excited! Good luck and can't wait!


Hooray for head down babies! I think all of your doula's suggestions sort of imply you don't already have a high energy toddler. "Sorry, ML, I can't watch Dinosaur Train, I'm drinking tea while Daddy fiddles my nipples like the knobs of an old car radio." Perhaps not. But I bet ML would LOVE to help you bounce on the ball. And I would bring loud music with some bass rumble to the delivery room. You'll need the energy. Bah-Bah-Bah-Bum-Bah!

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