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December 15, 2011



For what it's worth - I gave birth vaginally, and ended up needing drugs and so barely remember it. My twins were small and I resisted induction or a C-section for weeks - how I wish I had done both. The result was them languishing in the womb with less than ideal nutriment, and hanging out for a full day during a labor that was grueling for all of us. Whatever happens, you will all be ok, and you'll find good reasons for each decision, I promise. :-)


With a nod towards the benefit of research in advance, have you talked to the new doc about what would constitute a problem during the version? All of my friends who have had them have been immediately induced post-successful version (as in, we turn the baby and then you don't leave the hospital until the baby is out). Glad to hear that is not standard practice everywhere but it might be worth asking a bit more about. There are definitely benefits to an immediate induction (don't have to worry about the baby turning back, don't have to worry as much about cord problems) but then I know you also wanted to avoid an induction.


Just want to wish you luck! I'm a c-section veteran and though I am still a little sad I never got to experience a normal birth, I can assure you that a c-section is still EXCITING as all hell. I'm sure you'll talk to your team and can get as much as possible out of the experience.


There's a lot of stuff churning through my mind right now. I think I'll keep it a while for processing and just say I hope for the best at the NST tomorrow. I am surprised after that u/s that you have not heard from the doctor, and I would offer up that it might be useful to call her. Or I suppose now looking at the date of your post that you are doing the NST now. Wishing you luck that all is well and you can proceed on to the ECV.

It Is What It Is

I want to wish you luck in the days ahead. My best friend's 2nd baby stopped growing at 34 weeks and the decision was made at 38 weeks to deliver via c-section. He was a small 5#5oz and 19 inches but is thriving outside the womb.

Hang tight and hold on!

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