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December 10, 2011


It Is What It Is

I'm glad she is in a more comfortable position and I hope she remains so.

I LOVE her nursery. Was the tree a decal? A stencil? Free hand? The owls?

I have thought that IF we have another child, the nursery would have owls.


It's beautiful!! And yes, please dish about the tree. Needing something similar...for a tween.


Lizzy's favorite thing in the world is owls. We have owls everywhere in her room. The nursery looks awesome, and I'm so thrilled that little sister has decided to hopefully turn head down!!


I too would love to know about the tree. It is sooo incredibly cute. The room looks wonderful.
My baby was a transverse lie -- she turned at like week 36 or something ridiculously far along in the pregnancy. So I had a scheduled c-section, which had its pluses and minuses.


Thanks, everyone : ) I probably should have put "nursery" in quotes, since it's also our master bedroom. The tree is a decal from Etsy ... SO many to choose from!

Kari Zielasko

OH. MY. GOSH. Those owls are adorable! I had similar wall art in our daughters nursery due to owls being a small obsession of mine. Also, I've been following your blog for a couple years now (initially drawn to it because we were in the midst of a domestic adoption of an african american child) and I'm so excited for you to experience what it is you've been dreaming and hoping for so long...love the way you write and the honesty with which you aren't afraid to speak.


I am so astounded that you can tell which way she is turned and feel her moving! Of course, I am that weirdo who doesn't really feel fetal movement, but still, wow! I hope your little girl stays put head down. And yes, adorable nursery/master bedroom.

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