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December 02, 2011



Yo go, mama! Thanks for the belly shot. Have you decided on a name?


Take heart - my doctor flipped my breech baby, during labor, in about 27 minutes. It can be done!


Oh, and about the calories - I had the same problem and relied on Ensure and Luna bars. You can also get great flavored high-protein meal supplements from Vega or Amazing Greens (Amazing Meal) - vegan and organic to boot. Good luck!


Beautiful belly! Sounds like you are ready for everything! I hope your AIO's turn out to be what you wanted. I had the hardest time with them b/c we have hard water at our house (detergent build-up that i couldn't strip and repelling/leaking issues). If you are still in the market for cloth, my assvice is to try a few unbleached prefolds with thirsties or wool covers. So much easier to launder/strip. I loooove diaperswappers.com. You can find some good deals there. Be careful though..you'll quickly become addicted to cloth. It's strange.


Love the picture a lot! Sister is looking mighty good. I think you're going the distance. Holy full term baby, Batman!


Totally feel for you on the eating. I always feel full and don't have room to eat, too--but I'm about 10 weeks behind you. I feel like I'm force-feeding myself.

Be sure to let us know how your efforts to turn her go. I think I'm going to be in the same boat.

Erika Kosina

Acupuncture can turn breech babies! Do not delay! It gets harder the longer you wait! Good luck...things will work out.

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