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November 03, 2011


It Is What It Is

Wow, I read all the way back and forward the posts about your experience with this doctor. Practically karmic that she was the on-call doc this time. I can pretend to know for sure why you two crossed paths at this time, but perhaps it was to allow some degree of healing for you both (even if you are long past needing it).

Glad you got some relief from the pain and were able to call in sick. Take care of yourself.


Ugh. No fun at all. And it's awful that my first thought was what?!? they let you bring your toddler into L and D. That's it, we need to leave the big city. 3 times I got stuck indefinitely in the waiting room of L and D because they absolutely would not admit me with toddler in tow (or even doppler me in the hall, gosh I would have freely let them do a full exam in the hall for peace of mind) but they also wouldn't let me leave in case it was serious. So there I'd sit with my rambunctious toddler waiting for someone to show up and take her for a half hour, and every half hour the nurses would come out and remind me that "this could be very serious" but "rules are rules and no toddlers allowed into L and D. ever."

Sharon from Mom at Last

Your blog is amazing! Every Mom has a Journey and I see that you went through one heck of a journey. Please visit our website at http://www.MomAtLast.com to learn more about what it means to finally become a Mom, at Last! <3


I hope you are feeling better by now.


Wow!! I found your blog again by checking my comments from my until right now abandoned blog. I never did congratulate you on your adoption - yeah, could I be any later with this post?! I remember seeing your post the day it happened, but did I post? Of course not! I wait 3 years! Anyway, I decided to check in and I see you are pregnant! I quickly scanned your older posts to try and quickly catch up. So glad that your last frosty worked. Even though it has been years I still remember a lot of what you have been though years ago, and see that even now you had more obstacles thrown your way. Congratulations again!

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