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October 11, 2011



Impressed by the marathoner (and know several people who have run marathons while pregnant), totally horrified by the preachy bodybuilder who obviously takes her body as a full time job. I have been thinking about body image and losing weight (and will write soon about it) but most of what I feel is mild resentment. Isn't it enough that I grew and fed 2 babies? Am I really supposed to spend my early mornings/evenings working out? Right now I am sitting on the couch reading blogs and eating muffins I made for breakfast and relaxing for my sanity, and in the short term I'm pretty sure that is more important to everyone than my waist size. (And obviously that rant is all about my neighborhood and not the poor bodybuilder).

It Is What It Is

So glad to hear that things are coming along and that you are in a zen place. Can't wait to hear how baby is doing and I hope you get a good image to take home.

I was on bed rest for 5 months of my pregnancy so I cannot even fathom running a marathon, let alone one while being pregnant and that far along. It would seem to be physically uncomfortable. Big boobs are uncomfortable when running, even when they are harnessed so I cannot imagine running with a protruding belly. Good for her, though.

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