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September 15, 2011



Find the kitties another home...not just for your sake, but for their sake too. If they get banned from their bedroom sanctuary to the world o' dog and toddler, they will be super unhappy. If they stay, your new baby will have to be swaddled with a tape roll to keep the fur off. They are beautiful kitties, and the best thing you (and Mister) can do is to find them a loving home with lots of petting and sunny windowsills. Tell Mister that keeping them when no one has time or space to care for them isn't doing them any favors...plus the risk of mama's head exploding is bad for everyone.


just catching up with you - and WOOOOOO for 24 weeks. FIST PUMP!!


If you must re-home your older cats, please do not end up taking them to an Animal Shelter. Older animals are simply shocked and bewildered by the new surroundings and do not adjust well. Many less adoptable pets are unable to be re-homed and are euthanized within a couple of days of owner surrender. I see it all the time, please accept my suggestion for the sake of the cats.

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