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September 02, 2011


It Is What It Is

Wow, thanks for the link to Luna. I am still trying to process her story through the prism of my own. Powerful stuff.

I hope you'll report back that you've felt movement and that your mind is at ease. I hate to say this but feel compelled to, try your best to manage all the 'what if-ing'. It is crazy making.


What you are describing is exactly why I used a midwife/birth center the second time around. With my first son, my OB wanted to induce at 39 weeks for basically no reason. I managed to have her agree to 40 weeks on the condition that I did weekly NSTs. Luckily I went into labor on my own at 38w6d with him.
The second time around with the midwife I definitely had them take more of the stance of "everything is fine unless something happens to make us believe otherwise".
FYI, many hospitals are starting to take a stance on inductions and not allow them before 39 weeks unless there is a proven medical reason to induce.


thanks so much for the good thoughts and shout out. much appreciated.

I definitely understand your concern about induction, as well as the doc's management of risk/fear, though as you said there is no specific risk at this point so you may want a less interventionist approach.

I always ask a LOT of questions -- as I'm sure you will as well -- and waited to hear if there was a medically necessary reason for early action. (in my case, there was, unfortunately).

also if you ever worry about lack of movement, just call and ask to be seen. ask for testing, or a u/s or whatever. I always found that hearing her HB was so comforting, esp after (what I perceived as) a lack of activity. the other thing was I got to see movement when I couldn't feel it. and also learn that certain movements were normal and not contractions.

wishing you all well!


Do you have a home doppler? This could help when her movements decrease to a level of concern..but as Luna said, you can always call with your concerns. I remember you said you really liked this OB. I think that when you next sit with her, you could ask her for her reasoning on induction. I am like you in that I pull full medical articles from the internet whenever I'm worried about something (right now it is my subchorionic hematoma). If they contradict what my physician has told me, I'm in a dilemma. But he normally can explain his reasoning to me in a way that I ultimately feel comfortable with. When she knows your concerns, she may re-evaluate or come up with a suitable explanation for you. I know your history with doctors is shaky, and it may be hard to trust her reasoning. I believe her reaction to your questioning (whether she is offended or welcomes the questions) will help your gut decide what your next move will be.

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