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July 26, 2011



I can definitely identify with the toddler tantrums. ours is sweet as pie one minute but it turns into crying and screaming the next. it's just a tough age I think. apparently 3 is worse. yikes!

can also identify with not relating as a pregnant woman. I still see bellies and think of them as "other" even though mine has popped through too. I look in the mirror and think it's a different person.

and isn't it such sweet relief when you hear that precious HB? if I go a few hours now without movement I start to worry. soon that will be you too!

really wish I could do some yoga, but honestly I'm so effing paranoid about everything right now. like stretching the wrong way or too hard or something. part of me just wants to wrap myself in bubbles and hide in a padded house for a few months.

anyway. yes. hope you're feeling well regardless.


toddlers seem intimidating!!

It Is What It Is

You are doing it (growing a baby, I mean). Many congratulations for yet another uneventful u/s. (I am jealous only in that Squeaker will have a sibling kind of way (something I very much want for my own son)).

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