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July 12, 2011



I highly recommend hiring a doula--we used one, and she was worth every penny. She was amazing about helping me work through my fears pre-birth (via email--so convenient!), and just such a calming presence for both of us during labor. She was also great about telling my husband to go eat at certain points, and assuring him that it was okay to leave me. Mind was a former OB nurse, so I could also use her as a resource to talk about options if I didn't like what the dr (the on call--not my regular) had to say (the dr. pushed pitocin, wanted to give me an episiotomy, and do other things I was opposed to). It really gave me confidence throughout the process, and I had the birth I really wanted. It was worth spending a little extra to get the former OB nurse doula. We also hired her for a night after we came home to be our night nurse. I needed to know I had that extra help, in case I had trouble breastfeeding, and it helped me know I could do it on my own. It was just one night, but sooo helpful for my self-confidence (and I got extra sleep that night!)


I'm giddy about this, too! So happy about the heartbeat and so happy that you get to plan the birth, the doula, the work announcement, everything! I think some doulas will come to the house after you are home, too, to help with breastfeeding, cook, massage, generally to help pamper YOU. Be sure to ask if your doula includes this in her fee. There is nothing more important in those first few weeks than taking care of mama, as you know.

BTW, we lost a baby three months ago, and we are cautiously hoping my recent BFP last week will bring a sibling for Chipmunk.



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