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May 26, 2011



Was waiting all day for this. Whew is right! I know the nausea is terrible, but man, it helps to reassure! Great news on the ultrasound and heartbeat and measuring correctly. Yeah, there's pretty much no way for you to be "reassured" or "relaxed" through this given your past experience. But whatever minute reassurance there is, I hope you find it. Keep it coming!!! Also, buy a doppler. So helpful. I think we found a heartbeat in the 10th week? I can't remember exactly, but worth its weight in gold.


Been sending love. Have been on tender hooks today. Great news. x


Yay for that!

The on-purpose-patience-trying behavior is both fascinating to me, and a tad irritating. We are in a do-it-on-purpose, smile angelically, and say "uh-oh" phase right now. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, as I scrape the pizza off the floor.




Very exciting! I kept checking for updates with crossed fingers! Brava!


Excellent news. Glad to hear the little one is thriving.


OMG, I go to Canada for a few weeks, fail to read your blog, and miss the BEST NEWS OF 2011! Congratulations! Whee! (Insert happy dance here)

We should go out for celebratory ice cream soon. While finding sitters for our respective tantruming toddlers.

P.S. Having paid for way too many fertility indignities, I mean procedures, "Dildo-cam" is my new favorite made-up word for a vaginal ultrasound machine. Let's get that in the OED.

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