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May 30, 2011



Beautiful Squeaker stories!

And as the mother of a nudist, I consider myself lucky to live in an urban area, where my daughter can be forbidden to leave the apartment without donning clothes (which doesn't prevent her singing to an imaginary audience that lives behind the living room mirror, "Look at my butt! Look at my style!")


I love Squeaker's owning of his story- LOVE It. Seriously. It reminds me that for every parent that is talking to their child this honestly & lovingly there are sadly parents that are skirting around and avoiding the issues and these will be the kids that grow up to write the effing articles in the newspaper that will get forwarded to us...ahem...I digress.

The nudity stuff is complicated - I don't even know how to get my mind around that. I'm totally cool with W being all in his nothingness in a safe place, but the world is fucked up sometimes.


I love to see how they grasp little bits of their stories, even at this tender young age. baby J repeats things too, but at age 2 it's so hard to know what she really gets, what it means to her, if anything. still it makes you realize what an important role we have in imparting the story with such love and care.

yeah, the nudity thing in public places, in days like these. you'd think parents would put a little more thought into it. a few parents I know have an anything-goes rule for the back yard, but clothes on in front.


oh yeah, and I meant to say baby J is also going through a tiny baby faze. some days she wants to be a 'big girl' or a 'little girl' but recently she said she still wanted to be a baby. last night before her 2nd birthday, I told her how I used to hold her and rock her to sleep when she was just a tiny baby and she said she wanted more of that. plus, only babies throw things, so you know she still wants to be a baby...


Just occurred to me walking home just now that you may have some more explaining to do when a baby comes from Mommy's tummy with beautiful dark skin.... Isn't life wonderful and complicated? :-)


I am the mother of a nudist, but I contain her nudity to the house! I am also the mother of a son who likes all things pink and dress up, but is also an athlete and boy-boy, so my husband is hoping that those things win out over the liking to carry purses!!!

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