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May 12, 2011



Yay for one little bean!!! And good work being persistent with the doctors.


Oh Wonderful!!!! I'm happiest about the amazing ultrasound..to see all that at 5W5D is such a blessing! But I'm equally as happy that you have FINALLY found good care, you are finally getting the doctor you deserve. I couldn't be happier. Having a caring, smart, logical doctor to deal with is so hard to find these days. I recently had another m/c and I wouldn't trade my doctor for anyone. He sat and discussed forever, handled me with care but directness, helped me form a plan. R, you hold on tight to her. And love, love, love to your bean.


Oh, and I'm salivating for my copy of Coming To Term to arrive at my door. I ordered it based upon your recommendation. Thank you.

It Is What It Is

This is all very good news indeed (the new doc, the early u/s and what it showed, the approval for more frequent scans).

We were just on a Disney cruise, too, aboard the Wonder from LA - Vancouver. Were we on the same cruise and didn't know it????


Go, bean! How wonderful! :-)

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