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April 24, 2011



TWO hours!!! That's epic. I'll bet he had an early bedtime.

Good luck this cycle.

Mrs. X

Hang in there - you are doing so well! And, hopefully, these ones will stick. I'm sending all of my positive vibes your way.


Dude, the dollar store tests are as sensitive as the equates, sure, BUT it is SO FRIGGIN HARD to see them. I think it is b/c you only put 4 tiny drops of urine on them as opposed to dipping them in and swishing them around. So, I'm telling you this to say I think there is still tons of hope. 11 DPO at the earliest. And even if you see something or think you do, rip them out of the casing. 12 DPO should do it. for that brand in particular. I mean, they are so starkly white it is aggravating. Not even a hope-inducing evap line. I feel good for you. I do. If you get even a shadow, get the equate blue 2 line test.

No, I don't know this from experience or anything. :-)

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