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April 07, 2011


Jacquie | After Words

Squeaker sounds like my daughter who, at almost 4, still doesn't sleep through the night. Her pediatrician and a pediatric ENT thought she was a very clear case of sleep apnea that would improve if she had her tonsils & adenoids removed--which we had done last summer. Her sleep has improved NOT ONE BIT. True, she doesn't snore anymore, but she still wakes frequently.

So, now we're back at it, having a formal sleep study done in a few weeks (something we skipped last time because all concerned thought she had textbook apnea) and then we're having her evaluated by a pediatric pulmonologist to ascertain the extent to which asthma/allergies is complicating her sleep. And mine.

I wish you luck. Please don't hesitate to email me if you want to compare notes.


I'm glad you took him in and have a physician that is committed to helping you find a solution. One of my sons had a sleep study and although it was a little crazy at first, they got him hooked up and got the info they needed.

I just sincerely hope you find something that helps soon!


You poor thing. I think you have been more than patient and loving. I hope there is something they can do. Sending lots of love to you all xoxo


You must be incredibly exhausted. I hope all the tests provide some answers and you don't have to wait another year to get some good sleep.


I'm so glad that you are getting help! While we don't have the repeat waking up, my daughter is routinely awake until 10 pm (in her crib from 7:30 but keeping herself awake talking/singing/whining) and it drives me crazy. Thankfully she's way too lazy to make the effort to get out of her crib, but when she does we are going to be in much bigger trouble.

If your ENT won't take Squeaker's tonsils out until age 3 I'd suggest getting a second consult or hoping on a plane to NYC - they do it all the time here at age 2 (2 of our friends just had their consults for tonsils last week at a few weeks before their second birthdays).

Mrs. X

I don't remember where or when, but I was recently having a conversation with a woman who told me that it turned out that her son had apnea - they determined this when he was EIGHTEEN! You are so far ahead of the curve here.

Personally, I think you should skip the blood test and go straight to the apnea test. My gut tells me that this is not an allergy issue but an apnea issue.

Good luck!


Good luck!

and if you're looking for encouraging anecdotes, my oldest (now in college) had sleep apnea and ENORMOUS tonsils. The doctor said that, on a scale of one to ten, they were an eleven.

Anyway, he had them out when he was almost three and it made all the difference in the world.


crap...thought i posted, but didn't enter that code thingy. anyway, i'm late on this, but I'd push for the ENT and the sleep study NOW. why wait? i've heard of this so many times. I actually went to a sleep doc with lizzy back when she was one, and he laughed, but ordered a pule ox monitor at night. the home health company came to deliver it. I attached the sensor to her toe with medical tape and then tucked it all into her sock. She was younger than squeaker, I know..but she left it alone. Then after we got her to sleep, I sneaked back in and attached the monitor to the sensor. they only need a few hours worth of data to know if he's got apnea. if so, out come those adenoids and tonsils, and hello sleep! I've heard it so many times. It works like magic. Don't wait!!! Good luck!!! (Lizzy was fine..no apnea, btw, just multiple sleep crutches that we were able to loose using the sleep lady shuffle).


Gah! That was supposed to be "pulse."

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