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March 20, 2011



OMG that would be amazing if you could get a diagnosis! I'm so happy and I can't wait to hear how it turns out for you. And easily treatable: hooray! Best wishes.


Glad you finally got some answers, but I'm sorry it took so long.


I can't believe how much you've been going through! I hope you get some answers soon.


I'm alternating between being so thrilled that you might finally have an answer and being pissed off that your doctors didn't do this before!

I really hope that this information can be used to make that next one stick!


I will be horrified if that is it. I read about so many that are tested for clotting disorders after recurrent loss..and so why not you????? I'm so sorry they didn't think to test for this. Also, if your were allergic to HCG, wouldn't there have been a reaction with Sammy too, even if it was milder? Wow. I'm stunned. Do you really think it is too late? Do they know your eggs are poor quality? I choose to think it is NOT too late. Hugs for you and the Mister.

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