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November 16, 2010



new friends are good. so are siblings.

glad it went so well. how exciting!


I am so glad that the meeting went well.

Way back when we started our IF journey and spent a lot of time talking about IVF (and the cost) before we got incredibly lucky sans-IVF, we talked to a dear friend about splitting costs/eggs and I was thinking about it yesterday. I really like the idea of my kids having a few extra "distant cousins" out there who we keep in touch with, even if only occasionally. And while we have yet to need IVF, part of me still thinks we may try to go the route of a shared risk cycle in the future. And of course, the longer we wait the less likely that we'll have to worry about my greatest concern which is that my friend still hasn't found the man of his dreams yet (although the older my eggs get so he may not be interested anymore ...). I really do think it's wonderful that you have found a mother who is interested in keeping in touch over the years.

Mrs. X

I am THRILLED beyond belief at your wonderful meeting with D. So much drama to get there, but it sounds like you found a kindred spirit that, as you said so rightly, will be there no matter what.

I smile whenever I think about the journey that you are about to embark on and I hope with every fiber of my being that it works out!


Sounds wonderful. :)

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