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October 05, 2010


Mrs. X

A nurse at our pediatrician's office told me that her child's FIRST word was "sh!t." It could be worse.

I sent you an email under my real name. Let me know if you didn't get it.

Auntie K

My nephew and wife were watching "Wipeout" with their 3 year old. As he watched one contestant "wipeout" he suddenly exclaimed, "Oh SH*T, he fell off the Big Balls!". That Squeaker is a smart cookie!


Yes, I am continually amazed at Squeaker's vocabulary. I can see how he is way ahead of kids his age. Mine understands everything and she talks, but she's only just begun stringing a few words together in short, choppy phrases. And still, she says things that I can't translate or decipher. Good job, mama! I'm so sorry the embryo donation didn't seem to materialize. I hope you hear back from them soon.

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