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October 19, 2010



Honestly, I love "No, he's local" That just cracked me up!

You could teach him to say "my family grew up in the south. amazing what turns up?"

WTF-- people are just weird.


ugh, 6 hrs in the car with an active toddler. yikes.

amazing how rude and ignorant people can be. I like your response. it's hard finding a balance on what to say (or not). I think it's important to re-phrase the question in a more appropriate way that would apply to ANY child (e.g., do you mean where was he born?) and then feel free to refuse to answer. not sure why people think babies -- especially ones that look different -- are fair game for interrogation.

Auntie K

When people ask her inappropriate or just plain rude/intrusive/stupid questions she simply looks them in the eye and says, "I find it curious that you would ask me a question like that." It really covers the gamut of responses from "Who the Eff are you and how can you possibly think that information is any of your business?" to "Holy Crap, are you ever stupid!". I find it works wonders to shut idiots up!

Auntie K

Whoops, I meant to say When people ask My Sister inappropriate questions...


I love your blog!
Husband and I just started looking for an independent adoption and we are multicultural and want to adopt a multiracial baby. Can't wait for all the comments to come....
I better toughen up and come up with some good answers.


Ugh. I hate these encounters. My son was adopted from Guatemala and has been home 2.5 years and my uncle recently said "I can't believe how well he speaks English." WHAT?!?! It's really hard to always be prepared for these comments because they always seem to come at the most unexpected times.


HAHA, I love the idea of an answer to stop them in their tracks. A lot of people in the adoption community frown on that type of thing, because they feel it's important to "educate" people. Whatever. Our home is about laughter, and that's what we are comfortable with. I am white, my husband is black, and our daughter is from China. When I am out with her and people are bold enough to stare and then ask if her Father is asian, I love to calmly reply " Oh definitely not, he's black", and then walk off....


I love the idea of using humor in those awkward situations. Not that it's your job to do so, but maybe, just maybe, some stranger's interaction with you will help open their minds just a teeny bit if they meet with humor instead of hostility when confronted with a situation that they hadn't considered before. On another note, Peter is phobic about flies now too! ???

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