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July 17, 2010





This sounds like such an exciting situation. And while I understand your husband saying that you wouldn't mention this situation to a future child if it didn't work out, I think that in the long run we are going to have many serious conversations with our (adult, maybe) children about our fertility choices. I certainly plan to tell the fusspot about the risks we took, and how we rationalized them. Just as I appreciate my mother's generation telling me about the choices they made (mainly abortions since fertility treatments were so primitive).


Great news! The universe is now lining up to provide you with lots of embryos (and to think you were just hoping for one option--now you have choices!). Yay!


Hoping for an easy journey through all these decisions. I have to say, as well-thought out as all of your decisions have been, this sounds exactly like the whirl-wind happiness of the Squeaker post in Jan 2009. In other words, your gut is driving you here, and that's pretty exciting!

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