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March 18, 2010



I'm sure you've thought about this, but what about using the online community to at least throw your name out there as someone looking for donor embryos? I read a blog of a woman who is giving her embryos to a blog reader (Sticky Feet Part Deux) and several other where it has been discussed. It would of course be much harder to find a non-white embryo in the online community, but still possible. I'd suggest something like writing a brief intro and asking your readers to post it at the bottom of their next post with a link back to you. You never know what might happen.


When I was involved with the donor egg program of my clinic in the northeast there were MANY forms about how the clinic will not link up donor and recipient. Codes were used instead of names and appointments were carefully scheduled so that no "I think that's my donor" moment would happen in the lobby.

I know that part of me would want to know about the family that was raising a child from my eggs, but I was going through infertility hell and realized that if someone had a viable pregnancy and I didn't that I might go a bit bananas. (which was how I really realized that I was no where near ready, emotionally, to be a donor).

That being said- I have heard that some clinics are doing a version of open embryo adoption where records are released when the child is 18. Maybe you could ask this clinic if they would have any donors willing to meet you half way??

either way- Your Project GASP is on!! yay!!


I had no idea there was such a thing as open embryo adoption. When we were doing IVF they told us about donating our embryos. Never thought it would be an adoption...

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