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March 11, 2010



I hear you about the money situation. It's not nice when you're feeling the squeeze. I wish you all the best whether it be with this family, or another one who matches you beautifully.


Money, or the lack thereof - it's exhausting. At almost 38, I don't know if I will be able to get pregnant when we're finally ready to go for it (this year I hope). If I can't get pregnant, how can we ever afford adoption or infertility treatment?? How come I didn't have my act together when I was younger and it would have, presumably, been easier to become pregnant? We have a tiny house with a mortgage we can afford but we're still paying off credit cards and have deferred my student loans for so long that I feel nauseated when I think about them actually coming due. Student loans to become a COUNSELOR, no less - there's a money-making field. And my husband is an historian - another lucrative field. A couple of geniuses, we are. Maybe we shouldn't procreate.

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