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October 09, 2009



I can imagine how exhausted you must be with the interrupted sleep and work and all of it. that's a tough sleeping pattern. (mine doesn't nap during the day for more than 15 minutes, but she only gets up 1x at night, at least for now, so I am grateful.)

hoping you catch a break soon, or something. it's a shame you have to drive to work, or at least you could sleep during the commute on public transit.

love the interaction on the playground. priceless.


Ohhhhh, I *totally* know what that's like!!! My little guy didn't sleep through the night, not even once, until he was well over a year old. When he was Squeaker's age, he was still getting up at least 2-3 times a night and it was killing me. Killing me, I tell you! Don't tell my mother (she'd be appalled!) but we started cosleeping. It was either get some more sleep or lose my mind, so when I realized that cosleeping = more sleep, we became cosleepers.

SUCH a funny story about the playground. I would have thought the same as you, but you just never know what kids are going to say, huh?

Hope you are getting more sleep soon!!!


Yeah, our sleeping schedule is EXACTLY the same. I was actually happy to read this just to know that I'm not alone! Oh, and I'm supposed to teach children and parent 2 kids on this amount of sleep...I have to keep telling myself in 2 years he'll definitely be sleeping through the night and I'll wonder where my baby went (which is what I'm currently doing with my 3.5 year old!!!)!

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