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October 16, 2009



I don't believe in Crying It Out in the extreme, but there is a balance between leaving him to become hysterical and sick, and participating in a fun game for baby.

I don't have an easy answer because there isn't one, and to say 'try x y z' would not be helpful, but reading your nighttime description the first thing I thought was you need to be out of the room, or at least across the room, not participating in this game.

There is a book called No Cry Sleep Solution which might be interesting, the first thing on her website says that babies who are too tired find it hard to go to sleep and I know that my daughter is like this. at 7pm she goes to sleep no problems at 9pm it is nearly impossible to get her to sleep, she seems to get too tired to fall asleep.


I really hope you can find something that works for you and your family as lack of sleep makes everything else twice as difficult to cope with.


This sounds awful, and I am impressed by quite how much you are doing under the circumstances. I really hope things either improve quickly or you find a new strategy that works for you.


I don't think I'd be able to still function, let alone work FT in an important professional position and accomplish all the other things you're doing. I second Rachel's wish for you.


oh rebeccah, you poor thing. can't believe you are functional during the day after epic battles like that. I will not complain about staying up for a couple of hours after reading this. hoping you find some better solutions soon.

squeaker certainly does have quite a personality!


Resist the CIO proponents!

I hope he comes to embrace sleep eventually.


Hearing you. You do whatever works. and You get frustrated when everything you try doesn't. I honestly cannot believe you are sane after all that. the other day I screamed, yes screamed at the wall (at least I didn't scream at her) and sent my girl into deep, deep sobs. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I'm not proud. but I'm honest. So the fact that you can do this without breaking down speaks volumes about you. Volumes.

All the fucking sleep books can kiss my ass. I think anyone that made money off of sleep books should be executed. You are struggling through the best you know how. O won't offer any advice b/c it is all unique to parent/child. And the same things simply don't work for all kids. And you drive yourself crazy experimenting b/c you can't control for all variables. Maybe when squeaker hits 10-11 months, he'll get the picture? I certainly hope so.

We are also getting up anywhere from 2-8 times a night. When we are very lucky she'll go right back to sleep.

Just know that I'm thinking of you each time we get up too.

Beat UP

Wow! After reading what you guys go through - I feel so bad for complaining that our 2 week old wakes up every 3 hours for a feeding.

Oh my goodness, I hope you get some relief soon. I can only imagine what you're going through!

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