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September 07, 2009



Congrats on the magazine feature! I knew sending them your blog link way back when would be a good thing. ;)

Roundtable topic duly noted.


I'm glad that you're going to have your writing published in print!

A very well thought out post. I am terrified of either my family or (gasp!) my students finding my blog and I am pretty sure that I would take it down if I was sure someone I knew was reading it. I like to naively think that since I don't post photos no one would connect my blog with me, but since our situation is a bit unusual I'm sure that anyone who came across it by chance would easily recognize us. Which does make me wonder whether there is any rational basis to my fear of posting photos online (I have posted less than 10 of either me or my daughter in the past 1.5 years). I guess I do worry a little bit about my daughter's future googling skills (although I would like to collect some of my best posts into a book for her about our wait) and her ability to create her own identity as a teenager.

Melissa Taylor

I think about it from an identity thief perspective. If your kids' names are out there, ages, and other personal data, one day that information might be stolen! Just like I protect my personal information on FB, not giving my DOB, etc, I think we must be extra careful with our childrens' info.



I thought I commented on this before, but I guess it didn't go through.

You echo a lot of my feelings on this subject exactly. Such an excellent post.


I'm an anonymous blogger also, partly because of my work, partly because I live in a really, really small part of the world where everyone is separated by everyone else by just two degrees, not six, and partly because of what you talk about in your post...I do feel our daughter's story deserves privacy. I can very much relate to the separation of co-workers and drinking buddies, etc. I live the same way.

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