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August 02, 2009



Wooooooo hooooooooooo!!! on having "official" parent status!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously fantastic news. and loved the scene that unfolded at the ice cream shop- community!!


I got cute little family cards made up. My daughter was going in to Kindergarten and they came in handy for playdates. I used www.vistaprint.com and they had great selections. Then I realized they also had ones that you could "design" and make faces that look like you. I already had the cards so I didn't get them but I did for Christmas cards. LOL no affiliation with Vistaprint...hehehe just LOVE their products!!

I'd just say that you really enjoyed talking to them and would love to do it again sometime and give them your card. I've gotten tons of business cards given to me from new friends but I love the family ones. It reminds you who the heck they are a lot easier!!


Congrats! I'm so glad Squeaker's now an official member of your family forever. That's so wonderful.


What a great ice cream night, very cool and ironic that so many mixed families were there on that night! I used to live in a very white, very italian neighborhood in the NE when i was growing up. My friends were mostly black and puerto rican, we had fun hangin out there let me tell you. People are so stupid sometimes, I hope things have improved since then, I like to think they have. Sweet cashier too, i would have just smiled, saying nothing, or I would have come up with a really good comeback. Anyway congrats my dear on being a forever mommy, so happy for you and the mister and Squeaker!!!

Sally Bacchetta

I almost wet my pants reading your last paragraph!


Congratulations to you.

I'm a fellow IFer and I'm amazed at how many of the bloggers I read are lawyers. I wonder if its a coincidence or ar female lawyers more struck by the IF bug.

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