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August 29, 2009


Auntie K

It is at this point that your delightfully decorated and comfortable home becomes Baby Death Trap! After reading your post I looked around my living room and imagined all the things that would be dangerous -- so many! And then I watched my dog run toward the dining room table only to jab herself in the eye on the corner of it...so it's not just babies!


It makes me so relieved to know that I'm not alone in my neuroses!


JAG has now become obsessed with standing... standing when in the slippery bathtub, standing in the highchair, standing while on the changing table...NOT SAFE!

She got a minor fat lip today from face diving onto our coffee table. I am trying very hard to figure out how to let her explore and develop while still keeping her safe!

We have decided to get a fire escape ladder, too.

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