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July 24, 2009



I wish I could drown in cilantro. I just replanted as my first plant turned yellow..i was watering so not sure why this happened. i am SO with you on the homemade baby food. Mine rejects all solids still. I keep trying the pureed squash I made from the GARDEN (what's your problem Chipmunk???) and wondering why my feelings actually get hurt when my 7 month old won't eat it. I'm demented. I hope somehow, someway, you get to rest soon....


That contest is nauseating.

I have been raspberried with veggies quite a few times myself.


Hope you get some rest! (I can dream, can't I?) The garden sounds lovely, as does Squeaker (no matter how loud he is!)


Ah the cilantro always kicks in before the toms and peppers, then gets all bolty and leggy. Silly cilantro!

Hey, I'll eat those peas and carrots (sans raspberries, I promise).

I hope you get some reprieve from the relentless pace. I got sleepy just reading about it... and I expect I'll be joining you in the running for sanity department soon enough.


Oh, and that contest is indeed blech. I just don't get the bump photos for public consumption craze.

Reproductive Rhapsody

Ick. I can't stand publicly displayed bump photos. Why, I ask, why are they necessary? Even before my history of infertility and loss, I always thought they were tacky. Now I too, find my blood pressure rising.

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