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June 14, 2009



Has anyone tried to call him mulatto yet? Because that's the one remark we've gotten that I will remember until the day I draw my dying breath. It was someone from our generation, too! Good heavens.


Is Squeaker a bigger than average child? My little guy has always topped the weight and height percentile charts (case in point, my doctor just told me that he's the size of a typical 14 month old and he's only 9 months)and people often say "oh he looks so healthy" when referring to his size. Maybe that's what your relative meant?? Sorry about the other comments!

Adoptive Families

I'm an editor at Adoptive Families magazine, and we'd love to print part of this post in an upcoming issue. Please e-mail me at rebecca@newhopemedia.com if you're up for it! (Sorry to comment here, but I couldn't find an e-mail address.)


I am so ashamed of fellow reps of the human race at the moment.

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