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June 07, 2009



So cute, little guy! Ahhh! Cute overload.

Wow, I've never heard this perspective before, but I love it: exploring the unknown with a child you love, and finding out all about him. I hope the journey of discovery continues to be delightful.


OK, you are a heartbreaker, Squeaker! What a wonderful face!! More pics, mom!! I have to add that I always search Chipmunk for something "familiar" and it's hard for me to find it. I've always felt like she was dropped here from somewhere else..I don't recognize any family members (us included) in her personality or gestures. Yes, her red hair is from her dad and maybe she has my nose, but it's always seemed as if she's a little stranger that chose us to be her parents. The only thing I think I recognize about her related to carrying her for 9 months is her laid-back personality..b/c she was that way in my womb. I feel like I get to know her better every day, just as you do Squeaker. So, maybe, in fact, it is as if you had given birth to him. I guess the only way to know is to adopt and give birth. boy do I wish I could hear that belly laugh!


Oh my goodness... he is scrumptious!!! nothing like a good belly laugh from a baby is here?

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