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May 20, 2009



still can't believe you had just one hour. and it pisses me off that you don't get the same respect from your colleagues as a women who just became a mother by birth. really. pisses. me. off.

truth is, we've had 6 months to prepare since we met K, and yes, we've had a chance to order some stuff and prepare a nursery. but my life at work is still crazy for some of the reasons you mention, and mu hub is a sole practitioner with no benefits or time off. our families are aging and not really available.

we've been so focused on K and the baby and trying to get ready that we've neglected ourselves. this baby is due any day and we don't have food in the house, or any offers for help. no one has bought us a thing, aside from a stroller from my mom (yay). everyone is tentative, probably scared to get excited. after the birth, I imagine they will stay away too, just as they are now...

believe me, I don't want intrusive people in my face telling me what I'm doing wrong in those early days. I just think people view this differently and don't jump to help as they would if I gave birth... blabbering now, but these are the conversations at home these days...

sorry you haven't gotten the support you need. at least you have some wonderful friends.

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