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April 04, 2009



You are doing just what I want to read!!! (I would totally be out of here if you went Pott.ery Barn on me!)


Man, um, is there a post of the year award? If so congratulations. You are so real and so brave and such a great writer! If you changed any of that and didn't keep it real I would be dissapointed.

You know my story. But as you shift gears I am still so interested. I personally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when someone from the IF gang becomes a mother, whatever path brings them there. It gives me hope and brings me happiness to know that some are finally able to say goodbye to this little b*tch, shall we call her ms. childless.

I really believe that those of us chasing our own child can learn so much from you my friend. Thanks and do it keep it real, don't ever change a thing.


Well said. I have been feeling this sort of vertigo myself, in part because I've thought about my blog for a long time before starting it. So it was a TTC, and then an infertility blog, and then an waiting to adopt blog--but it never got started til now. So I have all these imagined posts that feel like congestion sometimes. I'm still struggling with that...what of that past to hash over, what to just fill in as it comes up.

But, yes, growth and change are good and rich and what we're here for.


I like it as is and will read on (whenever JAG grants me the free time!).

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