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April 01, 2009



Hm, do I sense a line being drawn in the sand?


I come from a family that was very open on most things, but when I married my husband I married into a family that talks about nothing. So I can appreciate the diversity of it, but it does require a LOT of energy to not get caught up in the fracas.

Good for you to stand up and represent the elephants. I think it's a lot better way to live than the alternative.


I'm all for elephant banishing. Especially when it comes to racism and being realistic about the challenges Squeaker might face later on. How will pretending they don't exist help him deal?


Those of us who are sometimes too timid to point out the elephants ourselves are very relieved when someone else does and will vociferously support you (and try harder next time not to wait for someone else to do it.)


Keep on shouting and pointing! When our youngest joined our family, I felt a new urgency to point out racism wherever I saw it (as well as the many other elephants that come trampling through many a conversation about adoption). It has definitely put a strain on some of my relationships, but I'll do whatever I need to for my child. Like you, many friends and family feel that I'm making mountains out of molehills and that there's no reason to get upset about "every little thing." Problem is, even baby elephants are pretty darn big.


Browsing around & found you. This post speaks volumes to me. My family was similar. I wasn't so good at pointing it out, i just wanted to escape. Did my best until i could actually leave.

I'm not so good at pointing out or recognizing elephants. I do my best to be in situations where there are none.

My family does not have my URL as i want the freedom to blog about it when i need to. Thank you so much for being someone to point them out. Thank you for sharing.

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