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February 28, 2009



I have no advice about how to hire a nanny/babysitter, having been tremendously intimated by everyone I interviewed (but oh so glad to have a professional around to assure me that everything is fine). As for the paperwork, my friends have gone the route of finding a nanny service that charges you month by month for their services, letting them do a month of your paperwork, then canceling the service but using the amount that they deducted as a guideline to make sure that you are doing everything correctly. I certainly don't feel able to take on the paperwork myself. I figure they over-charge anyway, and I'd rather spend my money on my daycare provider than an agency with nifty software.


You could be really snooty-patootie and call your caregiver your "au pair"...so very French, n'est ce pas??


Here's some advice: DON'T invite your mother in law to move into your 2-bedroom apartment with you for 6 months to save money on childcare. :-) Find the best child care you can afford, or you'll worry and nobody (you, your child who can sense such things, your caregiver, your boss and even your co-workers) will be happy.


When my older son was a baby we had a nanny. I did all the tax stuff myself and it was a major pain.

I loved the nanny and she was great with our son. The one piece of advice I have is to make sure that your son has the opportunity for interacting with other children on a regular basis, if at all possible. While it doesn't make much difference for a very young infant, once a baby is old enough to observe and copy others, he will learn a tremendous amount from them.

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