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February 06, 2009



I'd never heard of gripe water until we were in the UK and my mother-in-law suggested it. We tried it a couple of times and thought it was pretty effective. So if you're a Bad Mommy, join the club! ;-)

Pamela Jeanne

The content radiating out the sling is enviable. Ah, to be that comfortably asleep and at peace.

Thanks much for your comment -- your timing could not have been more perfect. It came right after an unexpected agent rejection of my manuscript -- in an email six months after she first starting stringing me along. Sigh.


I think our babies are almost exactly the same age. My Solomon was born on Jan. 7th! I've tried gripe water because of mild evening colic as well. I haven't noticed a huge change because of the gripe water, but it seems like as he gets a little bit older, the fussy nighttime hours are becoming more bearable. Good luck!

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